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Sacroiliitis - SI Joint Pain

There are two large joints at the base of the spine just below the belt line called the left and right sacroiliac joints. The weight of the entire body above the waist is transmitted through the spinal column across the two sacroiliac joints into the pelvis. The joints are normally painless however injury to the joint(s) may cause severe lower back pain and inflammation within the joints. The lower back becomes tender to touch and any movement at the waist can be painful.

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This condition is called “Sacroiliitis” which means inflammation of the sacroiliac joint. The condition is a common cause of lower back pain or buttock pain and is made worse with activities. Fortunately there is a very successful minimally invasive treatment for sacroiliac pain. The painful joint is injected under X-ray or ultrasound guidance with anti-inflammatory medicine. An arthrogram must be performed at the time to be sure the medicine reaches the joint. After injection the patient must undergo a series of very specific exercises and stretches to permanently resolve the inflammation. If the inflammation in the SI joint returns, another round of injections may be necessary followed by more therapy. Sometimes there is an underlying medical cause for recurrent Sacroiliitis and all patients should seek medical help from a qualified physiatrist or rheumatologist.

Our expert team at Deuk Spine Institute has successfully treated Sacroiliitis or sacroiliac joint pain for many years. The most difficult part of the treatment is getting the medicine within the right part of the joint. Many patients with chronic lower back pain suffer needlessly with SI joint pain when there is a cure within their reach.





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