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It has always been my goal to help those in pain. To help relieve back and neck pain in ways that are as beneficial as possible for each patient, I focus on the big picture. This means avoiding aggressive procedures whenever possible, preserving or improving everyday functioning, making the recovery process as easy as possible, and providing treatment with little or no after effects 

Today, when I speak with people about back and neck pain, I am more elated than ever to explain the treatment options that are available. Many of our treatments are so advanced they are not available elsewhere. We know that it's only through proprietary advances like our very own minimally invasive Deuk Laser Disc Repair™ procedure that we can truly transform the patient experience.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. So you can more fully understand the revolutionary nature of Deuk Laser Disc Repair™, let's first discuss the most common cause of back and neck pain and its traditional treatment.

The great majority of people suffering with chronic back or neck pain discover they have a disc condition. Each "disc" lies between bones of the vertebrae, and it's this "shock absorber" that provides the spine with the flexibility it needs to move painlessly. A disc becomes herniated when the softer central part of the disc tears through its outer, more rigid exterior. It may help to imagine applying pressure to the top of a jelly doughnut, only to see the jelly break through the sides. Although this is a crude example, it's basically what can happen to the discs of the spine with injuries or trauma. Unfortunately, the disc fragment that is released from its usual location can press against sensitive nerves and cause considerable pain.

One way or another, a painful herniated disc fragment needs to be removed. The question is how? The revolutionary aspect of our Deuk Laser Disc Repair™ procedure lies in how we actually get to — and remove — the fragment. Traditional spine surgeries such as implanting artificial spinal discs and other brands of minimally invasive spine surgery remove the entire disc, fuse the vertebrae together and create a significant amount of adjacent or collateral damage - damage that may later require additional fusion surgery because the spine was weakened by the initial procedure. Unfortunately, this is still the surgery of choice at many practices and, in our view, is usually unnecessary.

Since that part of the disc that is herniated typically only consists of 10 percent of the normal disc, we began to ask ourselves, "Why destroy the 90 percent of the disc that's good to get to and remove the 10 percent that's bad?" With Deuk Laser Disc Repair™ at our practice with offices in Orlando, Melbourne, and Titusville, Florida, traditional fusion and artificial discs are not necessary. Instead, we use an endoscopic, laser-assisted back surgery technique. Through an incision smaller than a dime, we use laser technology to remove the tissue causing pain, while preserving the rest of the disc for normal, painless movement.

It's hard to overstate the benefits Deuk Laser Disc Repair™ provides to our patients. Although we provide a full range of other advanced procedures, when a patient is a candidate for Deuk Laser Disc Repair™, the surgical result is frequently freedom from pain with little to no effect on range of movement, a recovery period allowing a return to work only three days or less after surgery, greatly minimized scarring, and many other benefits. This is why, along with the entire staff at our offices in Melbourne and Titusville Florida, I am proud to provide this advanced endoscopic laser surgery for effective treatment of herniated or bulging discs causing back and leg or neck and arm pain.

You don't have to live with back or neck pain. And so you don’t have to hop around from one specialist to the next, our practice is equipped to handle all spine and joint needs. It is my pleasure to help people reduce or eliminate their pain, and I invite you to join our family of happy, satisfied patients. Let us get you Back in Motion™.


Dr. Ara Jason Deukmedjian


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