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Spring into an Active Lifestyle

Prevent herniated discs by staying active!

Prevent spine injury by staying healthy and fit - and having fun!

Prescription Overdoses - Frightening Facts

Prescription Drug Overdose

Rising Statistics & Frightening Facts

pill mill problem in florida, there is another way to relieve back pain

Just a Strain... or Something Worse?

Back or Neck Strain vs. Herniated Disc? - How to tell the differenceback surgeries may be neededif your herniated disc is causing pain following an injured spine

Sciatica 101 - Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Sciatica

Back to the Basics: Sciatica 101

Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Sciatica

#1 Concern for Spine Surgery in 2012

spine surgery denied by insurance, fusion surgeries - help stop this!

My number one concern for spine surgery in 2012 is intrusion by insurance companies in your spinal health.

Yule appreciate this, and so will your family

'Yule' appreciate this.  Carrying kids and grandkids, moving boxes, reaching with Christmas decorations... takes a toll on your back and neck.  Maybe just muscles you haven't used in awhile.  Or perhaps a more serious flare up of a disc or facet problem.  Did you know that back problems are in your genes?

The Pinch that Stole Christmas

Then he slid down the chimney. A rather tight pinch. But if Santa could do it, then so could the Grinch. The little Who stockings all hung in a row. "These stockings," he grinned, "are the first things to go!"

pinched nerves, pinched nerve, spinal stenosis


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