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Foraminal Stenosis - Overview

Foraminal Stenosis is one of the three forms of spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is defined as a narrowing of the opening from which the nerves exit the spinal column and is the primary cause of pinched nerves or nerve compression. Nerve roots exit the spine through small holes on both sides of the spine called neuro foramen. Neuro foramen are surrounded by two moving spinal joints: the facet joint and spinal disc. When this foraminal opening is narrowed, it results in foraminal stenosis and causes symptoms such as numbness, tingling, or burning sensations in the extremities and most commonly, the legs.

Bending forward or sitting may temporarily alleviate pain because the space between the vertebrae increases in these positions. It is also common for people to walk in a "hunched over" position because helps decompress the nerves. However, becoming inactive or walking in a bent manner can lead to other problems that will worsen symptoms or create new ones altogether. When you walk in a bent position, you risk muscle strain as your body tries to keep your eyes on the horizon instead of the ground.

Foraminal stenosis is very common in the lower lumbar region of the back.

Failure to treat foraminal stenosis or other types of spinal stenosis can result in permanent nerve damage and loss of feeling.


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