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Yule appreciate this, and so will your family

'Yule' appreciate this.  Carrying kids and grandkids, moving boxes, reaching with Christmas decorations... takes a toll on your back and neck.  Maybe just muscles you haven't used in awhile.  Or perhaps a more serious flare up of a disc or facet problem.  Did you know that back problems are in your genes?

Spine issues can show up in families from generation to generation.  If you have a back or neck problem not caused by accident, chances are someone in your family also has, or will have, a spine problem.  Here's what you can do...  

Pay attention to health issues in your family - not just back and neck, but also heart, diabetes, nerve damage, cancer.  Talk to your doctor about screenings and tests and, if your family does have back pain as a common complaint, see a specialist like the back and neck pain specialists at Deuk Spine Institute.

Clinical research this year by Deuk Spine Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, shows a 95% rate of success from the revolutionary new procedure Deuk Laser Disc Repair® in eliminating back and neck pain from prevalent spinal problems like bulging or herniated discs.  And research just compiled in a draft study of 250 patients over three years concludes that Dr. Deukmedjian's advanced approach to traditional fusion surgery - Deuk Spinal Fusion® - showed 88% resolution of pre-surgery back and leg pain for all patients.

In this time of 'Yule' and holiday celebrations, think about your family and their health needs and consider helping Deuk Spine Foundation continue its sterling progress in clinical spine research and education.  Help us find a cure for back and neck pain that impacts quality of life.  It may not be a life threatening illness but, for many families, it certainly is a quality of life threatening issue.  Please, send your tax deductible donation to:

Deuk Spine Foundation

6905 N. Wickham Road, Suite 202

Melbourne, FL 32940


Or click the link below and use PayPal or a credit card for your donation. 

Thank you, and have a Merry Christmas!

From the staff of Deuk Spine Foundation, Inc.


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