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Dr. Patel reviews sn MRI showing disc herniation of a laser spine surgery candidate.

With our interventional pain management techniques, many of our patients can enjoy long-term relief from back and neck pain when there is not a need for surgery. With the latest diagnostic tests to determine the source of back and neck pain and wide-ranging treatment options, Bharat Patel, our Director of Interventional Pain Management, and the entire staff at Deuk Spine Institute are able to provide the most comprehensive spine care possible. Although each person's unique cases are different, those with the following conditions can frequently benefit from interventional therapy to address back pain at our offices in Melbourne and Titusville, Florida. For many conditions, effective treatment can mean a more pain free and enjoyable life.

If, for whatever reason, pain management techniques are not right for you, we will help you analyze other options for achieving freedom from pain. These may include physical therapy, minimally invasive surgery, and other treatments. Fibromyalgia and other conditions require a multifaceted treatment approach. This is why our staff in Melbourne and Titusville, Florida is dedicated to providing the most personalized and comprehensive care possible. To learn whether interventional therapy can be expected to resolve your back pain, contact our patient services team today at 1-800-Fix-My-Back.

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Director of Interventional Pain Management - Dr. Bharat Patel

Interventional Pain Management Physician - Dr. Jung Woo Ma

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