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3-Day Deuk Spinal Rejuvenation Treatment

In as little as three days our expert team can complete your entire treatment, including surgery and recovery.

Deuk Laser Disc Repair® is the world’s most “state-of-the-art”, minimally invasive, outpatient surgery that promotes a more natural solution to relieving back and leg or neck and arm pain than traditional “open” spine surgery. This pioneering development in spine surgery is now being made available nationwide and includes 3-Day Destination Packages to Orlando/Melbourne where patients experience:

Day 1 – Register at Deuk Spine Institute in central Florida and complete a thorough medical evaluation, including any necessary tests. You will meet your surgical team led by Dr. Deukmedjian to discuss a personalized treatment plan tailored to your particular condition.

Day 2Deuk Laser Disc Repair® (outpatient spinal surgery, 30 minutes) and recovery.

Day 3 – Meet and treat with Deuk Spine Institute physical therapy team. You may return home this day.   Deuk Laser Disc Repair™ advantages over “fusion” surgery include:  + Lower cost by half,  + Return to work in 3-days,  + Less than 1% infection or complication rate,  + Laser precision of 0.5mm,  + Single incision less than ¼ inch,  + No metal implants,  + No hospital stay,  + Many patients do not need painkillers after this surgery because of the uncharacteristically delicate nature of the procedure, and + Outcomes leading to 90% patient satisfaction with long-term results.  

Are you considering back or neck surgery? Can your surgeon perform your entire surgery in 30 minutes through a single ¼ inch incision harnessing laser energy to repair (not remove) your spinal disc and have you home recovering an hour after your surgery is completed?   We can!   And we deliver 90% satisfaction with the best results worldwide with no major complications. Make your pain a “thing of the past” and get Back in Motion™ with your team at Deuk Spine Institute

Call 1-800-Fix-My-Back for an appointment to speak with a medical professional about our 3-Day Transformation: Deuk Spinal Rejuvenation™.  

3-Day Deuk Spinal Rejuvenation Treatment


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