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Financing Options — Deuk Spine Institute

At Deuk Spine Institute, we want to make relieving back and neck pain as easy as possible. For that reason, our practice helps patients explore a number of different financing options. By finding the financing option that is right for you, you can enjoy relief from pain when you need it.

Deuk Spine Institute carries two widely accepted and respected financing options for patients:


A division a GE Healthcare, CareCredit offers patients credit on the spot for financing of healthcare services. Their plans are simple and quick to apply for with approval in a matter of minutes. Interest rates are lower than most credit cards, and some programs allow for pre-approval so patients know about their credit status before they come in for their appointment.

Health One Financial

78% of clinically qualified patients refuse discretionary procedures due to the cost. Health One bridges that gap by providing options for financing of healthcare services, including surgery. Patients can apply from home via the Health One website or through the Health One customer service toll free number.

How much reimbursement will I receive from my insurance company and what are the costs of your Deuk Laser Disc Repair™ procedure?

Deuk Spine Institute contracts with a number of insurance carriers, including Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Florida, UnitedHealthcare®, CIGNA, Aetna, TRICARE, as well as Medicare. and we we manage a substantial number of workers’ compensation cases. If a patient has out of network benefits, the cost of our services can be reimbursed to the patient. Each insurance plan is different. Our patient coordinators provide each patient with the appropriate billing (CPT) codes for each service provided to use in contacting their insurance provider. Those codes can give patients an idea of how much reimbursement they will receive from their insurance according to what is ‘usual and customary’ under their plan.

Insurance companies differ.  Some procedures may not be covered. Chances are you will not need surgery and you will only know after the medical staff at Deuk Spine Institute perform a complete medical history, physical examination, review imaging and other diagnostics and develop a treatment plan tailored to you. Prior to your appointment at our state-of-the-art surgical facilities, we will verify your individual insurance benefits and clarify for you what your maximum responsibility will be. Our billing department is available to speak with you about your medical benefits, how our services are billed, and about financing options.

Why isn't Deuk Spine Institute in contract with Medicare for the facility fee?

Deuk Spine Institute physicians are in contract with Medicare for the professional services that they provide. However, the facility fee itself is not in contract with Medicare. Unfortunately, Medicare policy has been slow to accept the paradigm shift from traditional spine surgery in the hospital to the new generation of medical technology and minimally invasive outpatient surgery. This government policy affects not just Deuk Spine Institute but hundreds of outpatient surgery centers across the U.S. Therefore a facility fee is incurred by the Medicare patient as an upfront out of pocket cost.

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