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Herniated Disc - Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

a herniated disc can cause a pinched nerve in the back or a pinched nerve in the neck from disc herniation

Overview: A herniated disc only occurs when there is first an injury to the annulus fibrosus resulting in an annular tear. Because the nucleus pulposus jelly from the center of the disc is under pressure, it may squeeze out through the annular tear into the space around the spinal disc. The portion of the nucleus pulposus that has migrated outward through the annular tear is called a “herniated disc”. If the tear occurs near a nerve root or the spinal cord, these structures may be affected by the herniated disc. The herniated disc jelly material is highly noxious to the nerves and dura covering of the roots and spinal cord. The herniated disc material has an effect similar to bleach (on the skin) and will cause inflammation and pain by irritating nerves. Some herniated discs are large enough to press firmly on the nerve root or spinal cord and cause damage. It is important to note that the size of the disc herniation usually has no bearing on the severity of the symptoms. Small disc herniations may cause severe intractable back pain or neck pain, headaches, arm pain or leg pain, numbness or weakness or tingling or they may not cause any symptoms at all. Large disc herniations may be painless. If a patient’s symptoms are due to the disc herniation, surgery is the only treatment that works. The best treatment available for a symptomatic cervical or lumbar disc herniation is the Deuk Laser Disc Repair®.

 What is a Herniated Disc? A herniated disc occurs when the spongy interspersed tissue between spinal vertebrae, called a disc, slides through its containing wall. Not only does a herniated disc cause the spinal disc, whch is the natural cushioning of the vertebrae to be compromised, the disc can also press, pinch or agitate nearby nerves, causing pain, and sometimes even numbness and tingling along the body's path to the extremities. Severity of symptoms from a herniated disc can range from a mild and constant discomfort to a debilitating level of pain with normal movement, making treatment and therapeutic procedures necessary for an afflicted patient in order to enjoy their day to day activities without back pain

herniated discs in the neck or back can cause pain that needs treatment for herniated discs

How Can I Find Relief? A herniated disc doesn't have to be an "accepted" injury; while these painful occurrences won't fix themselves over time, modern treatment options make healing them a much more streamlined and comfortable process than years ago. In fact, Deuk Spine Institute's proprietary method uses an endoscope to see and repair the problem up close, needed a very small quarter inch incision to do so. Unlike other methods that call for cutting bone and weakening the spine, or large surgical incisions that can lead to painful scarring, the Deuk endoscopic method can repair your herniated disc and minimize recovery time, in some cases to less than a week! No hospital stay is required, and the surgery is done on-site to keep hassle to a minimum for our valued patients. 

Where Can I Get Help? If you're tired of the pain and limitation of a herniated disc, pick up the phone and call Deuk Spine Institute to schedule your consultation. Dr. Deuk and his staff of well trained medical professionals will help guide you through the recovery process, answering any questions you may have and ensuring you are relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment in our Viera or Titusville offices. When you've had enough, don't suffer with back pain a moment longer than you have to - put yourself in our capable hands and you'll be living life as you were meant to: free of back pain and discomfort through the Deuk spinal surgery method.

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