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Laser Spine Surgery

If you have back pain or neck pain from an injury such as a bulging disk, herniated disc or stenosis of the spine, you may have heard of laser spine surgery as a possible solution to your ongoing discomfort. When you look into your options at the Deuk Spine Institute, you may be surprised to learn that our minimally invasive spinal surgery can help and heal you with none of the bone cutting, long recovery, and other problems commonly associated with back surgeries. In fact, our proprietary endoscopic method is so successful we boast a success rate over 95% for our patients. With a fast outpatient procedure performed on-site, you can start experiencing a life without the restrictions of constant back pain or neck pain almost immediately!

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Our laser spine surgery does not require bone cutting, which can weaken and compromise the spine, potentially leading to a need for surgical screws and internal braces. With a very small incision, an endoscope ensures pinpoint accuracy, sending a laser to the exact site of the herniated disc, bulging disk, or stenosis of the spine to repair the problem quickly and get you back up on your feet sooner. With a downtime of only 3 days on certain procedures, life doesn't have to stop just because of a medical procedure. Imagine, living life with less pain, less painkillers, and more freedom than you ever could have imagined with your previous injury. Deuk laser spine surgery also works very well for spinal injuries related to auto accidents or workers’ comp injuries.

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Laser back surgery is a safe procedure, performed on site by the skilled hands of Dr. Deuk and his team of medical professionals. Our minimally invasive technique uses only a very small quarter inch incision, and often requires no painkillers after surgery. Your comfort, safety, and healing is our number one priority at the institute, and our expert advice is yours for the asking. Don't live in pain another day - a great solution is only a phone call away. We offer two conveniently located offices near Orlando, FL to serve you no matter where you are located, and we are ready and waiting to start you on road to recovery from your herniated disk, bulging disc or stenosis of the spine.

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Am I a Candidate?

Have you had back & leg or neck & arm pain for at least two months?

Does an MRI taken within the last six months show a bulging or herniated disc, stenosis, or an annular tear?

Have you tried physical therapy for at least two months but are still in pain?

If you answered ‘yes’ to 2 of 3 of these questions, then you may be a candidate for Deuk Laser Disc Repair®.


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