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Physical therapy

...plays an important role in the treatment of back and neck pain. When an episode of back pain is severe or persistent over many weeks, a physical therapy and exercise regimen may be recommended. At our offices in Melbourne and Titusville, Florida, back pain management therapy is provided to decrease pain, increase function, and provide education for the ongoing maintenance of back health. Therapies can be placed in two broad categories: active therapies and passive therapies.

The professionals at Deuk Spine Institute provide comprehensive back and neck pain management therapy to help patients achieve long-term pain relief. At our offices in Melbourne and Titusville, Florida, our team of neuro-spine surgeons, interventional pain management specialists, neurologists, and other healthcare professionals works together to ensure that therapeutic treatment plans are as beneficial as possible.


Passive therapies are virtually always used in conjunction with active therapies. Passive back pain management therapy at our offices in Melbourne and Titusville can include the application of heat or cold, ultrasound, electronic stimulation, joint mobilization, and massage.


Active physical therapy helps to rehabilitate the spine by providing added strength and flexibility. A unique exercise routine is designed to meet each patient's specific needs. In most cases, exercises and/or stretches should also be performed at home as part of a regular routine.

Through a specific strengthening, flexibility, and general conditioning program for back pain management, therapy can be very successful. The neuro-spine surgeons at our offices in Melbourne and Titusville, Florida also many times recommend physical therapy after surgical procedures or in conjunction with interventional pain management programs.


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