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Space Age Spine Surgery

Space Age Spine Surgery: 60-Minute Outpatient Lumbar Fusion, a Medical First

MELBOURNE, FL, May 6, 2010  A first in medical history, Dr. Ara J. Deukmedjian, board certified neurosurgeon, today successfully performed major back surgery in an outpatient surgery center. “Historically, these complex operations have been performed exclusively in hospitals,” Dr. Deukmedjian explained. “Today marks a first in what will become the standard for spine procedures of the future. Our patient is doing well and, in fact, a nurse walked with him out to his car about an hour after surgery.” Dr. Deuk, as his patients refer to him, pointed out a number of medical firsts with the operation: “In the procedure I used an endoscope to access the lumbar disc and a new process to implant the screws and metal bracing for the damaged lumbar area of the back. The incision was about one inch, compared to 10 to 12 inches for hospital based surgeries, and we did not need to use general anesthesia since the procedure was minimally invasive and took an hour compared to several hours for back surgeries in the hospital.”

The revolutionary procedure, Deuk Endoscopic Spinal FusionTM, minimizes blood loss during the operation and, with the smaller incision, lessens the chance for infection. Dr. Deukmedjian, who also serves as CEO of Deuk Spine Institute and as Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at UCF, continued, “Because the collateral damage to soft tissue – muscle and ligaments – is minimal in this new procedure, recovery time for patients is a couple of days rather than three to four months. Our patient today will experience a full recovery before hospital patients would even have been discharged.

“We want people to get back to their lives and not have to compromise their lifestyle and activities because of pain. Most of us – studies show 80 percent – will have significant back or neck problems in our lifetime. Now with state-of-the-art technology and a new approach, people don’t need to fear the possibility of back or neck surgery.”

Some patients – about 10 percent of those who require surgery – will need spine stabilization that only fusion surgery and metal implants can provide. Typically, those cases occur where there is significant trauma or degeneration. Dr. Deukmedjian has perfected a new breed of spinal fusion that, as of today, is now performed in an outpatient setting, with only a one inch incision and minimal damage to surrounding tissue. Deuk Endoscopic Spinal FusionTM – avoids hospital stays, minimizes the chance of infection and lowers recovery time from months to a couple of days.    Narcotic pain killers are not needed for more than a few days after the surgery, as opposed to weeks or months for other fusion surgery. And most patients can get back to work one week after their surgery. Deuk Endoscopic Spinal Fusion™ will soon become the lead option for patients who require spinal fusion surgery.
Dr. Deukmedjian also pioneered development of the least invasive laser disc surgery available anywhere, Deuk Laser Disc Repair©. The 30-minute outpatient procedure, already successfully performed hundreds of times by Dr. Deukmedjian, repairs rather than replaces the herniated or bulging disc. With only a 1⁄4 inch incision, the smallest by any surgeon today, and using an endoscope for direct visualization of the herniated disc and a very precise laser to remove the material impinging on sensitive nerves, Dr. Deukmedjian is able to fix 90 percent of back and neck pain issues requiring surgical intervention. The remaining 10 percent may require fusion because of more extensive trauma or degeneration of the spine – and those 10 percent are now candidates for the outpatient 60-minute endoscopic spinal fusion performed today for the first time.

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Deuk Spine Institute is a multi-specialty practice with clinics and surgery center in Melbourne, Titusville and Orlando, Florida and focuses on treatment of neck and back injuries, spine and joint conditions, and sports medicine. The ‘continuum of care’ philosophy at the Institute includes therapy, pain management and surgery options for patients. Specialties include neuro- spine surgery featuring Deuk Laser Disc Repair©, Deuk Endoscopic Spinal Fusion™, orthopedic surgery, electrodiagnostic medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, interventional pain management, and neurology. To learn more about Deuk Spine Institute visit or call 1-800-Fix-My-Back.

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