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paul says dr. deuk is the best back surgery institute in floridaDr. Deuk is great at what he does. The staff provided great service and I would recommend him to everybody else. -Paul

mary tells why she loves dr. deuk for laser spine surgery of the neck and backThe staff was wonderful and caring. Dr. Deuk was so confident and compassionate we knew we were in the right hands. I would recommend Dr. Deuk to anyone with the need for expert spinal care.- Mary

Sandra's review of pain doctor Ma in Viera, FLDr. Ma did an RFA on my back. I have had excellent results from the procedure. I highly recommend his care to anyone. The staff at Deuk Institute are so courteous and responsive to me. I recommend Deuk Spine Institute to anyone with any spinal issues.  A BIG thank you to Dr. Ma.  -Sandra

maria explain why she thinks dr. deuk is the best back surgeonEveryone was cordial and very helpful and willing to answer all of my questions. I would recommend Dr. Deuk. - Maria

linda explains why she chose deuk spine institute for bac surgeryI come from 'small town USA' and knew everyone in our community. I never had a medical office treat me as well as treated here. Everyone was very helpful, from making appointments for me, to helping with insurance. Thank you, everyone. - Linda

gails reviews of dr. deuk spine surgery in vieraDr. Deuk has already been recommended to several of our friends. Dr. Deuk is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Gail

toney reviews his back surgeon in floridaI was treated for C6 and C7 fusion. Excellent service; the staff was very helpful and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Deuk and staff to anyone. - Toney

Eric had back surgery with dr. deukmedjian and reviews his experience in viera flEver since I saw videos of Dr. Deuk, read his writings, and read numerous patient comments, all extremely positive, I knew in my heart I had found the Doctor who I would trust to do this life changing process. Dr. Deuk is an extremely driven, powerful person who truly cares for his patients. I will recommend Deuk Spine to any of my friends and family for sure. The staff was incredible and I was amazed. Thanks, Eric

Tim tells why he thinks deuk spine institute is the best for laser back surgeryThe staff and doctors are very helpful, courteous, and caring for my well-being. Thanks again, Tim

susan recommends deuk spine institute with her review of dr. deukmedjianI have had a number of procedures to date,and being a retired R.N., I have been more than impressed with the Institute and staff, especially Dr. Ma and his procedure staff!!! Very professional! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I would strongly recommend the institute!!! Thank you, Susan

review of neck surgeon in viera florida at deuk spine institute, david and elizabethI have been singing the praises of Dr. Deukmedjian since our first visit for my husband's back problems. I subsequently was treated by Dr. Deuk for neck pain. I have paid him and the staff the ultimate complement by referring 4 friends to him for treatment, and spread the word to countless others. -  David and Elizabeth

review of the best back doctor in melbourne floridaI was totally satisfied with my visit with Dr. Deuk.  He planned a logical approach to my problem and I look forward to my next appointment with him. - Ray

jeffrey reviews of deuk spine institute for laser back surgeryMy experiences with Deuk Spine Institute have always been positive and informative. The staff exhibits caring concern and the follow up has been exemplary. I was seen by Dr. Deukmedjian and was very impressed. I would definitely, and have in the past, recommended friends to Deuk Spine Institute. - Jeffrey

review of dr. deukmedjian in viera florida's spine surgeonMy experience with Dr. Deuk and his staff has been amazing! They made sure I received the help I needed and ensured that everything was set up for me with little work on my part.  Dr. Deuk is a miracle worker and has helped me on numerous occasions. I put my trust in him that he has only the best interests for me and will do everything he can to make sure I find relief from my pain.  My surgery was a success and credit Dr. Deuk with healing me yet again! - Shelley

back-surgeryDear Dr. Deuk, I sincerely thank you for the recent surgery on my back. I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you for your kind assistance in helping with my back pain! Sincerely, Clarence

Mary's surgery of the lumbar spine helped relieve her pain!Dr. Deuk, For years, my pain kept progressing. I waited too long for the surgery on two discs that were pressing on my nerves. The healing was much easier than I expected! Now, I am pain free, the nerve problems in my leg have disappeared, and I am performing activities again that I had previously given up. I advise anyone in need not to delay having it done! - Sincerely, Mary

Robert gives a patient review of dr. deukmedjian's spine surgeryDear Dr. Deuk, I never felt any pain after the surgery. It was almost like instant relief. I only wore the neck brace/collar only twice! I have 100% full mobility too. While I may have been a little nervous about getting neck surgery because of all the stories I have heard about other people having surgery on their neck. THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE IN MY LIFE!!! You see the problem with all the others who have had this very same surgery or close to it, they did not have you, Dr. Deuk as their surgeon!  I am forever thankful and grateful for the successful surgery that you have performed on my neck and would like to wish you continued success in the field in which you are king. Again, thank you and your staff for being the caring professionals that you are. Sincerely, Robert

Carla  was pleased to find the best spine surgeon in florida - and the USA!Dear Dr. Deuk, How grateful I am for your "going to bat" for me. When the insurance company turned down my lumbar fusion, I wasnt surprised; you had already warned me that it might happen. Very few people have the passion that you have for their patients. You are the only doctor I would have trusted. I am 5 weeks out and I feel great. Thank you for being my doctor. You are truly a warrior for God. May many blessing be yours. Thank you, Carla

carol had a neck fusion surgery and is so pleased with her results.Dear Dr. Deuk, When you preformed my neck fusion I came out of surgery with no problems and no pain! I just wanted to let you know that I really feel like i picked the right neurosurgeon. All of my friends and family have been impressed by my progress and I am encouraging anyone that is hesitant about surgery that it was the best thing I ever did. My sincerest thanks and gratitude to you Dr. Deuk as well as your staff who also took part in my care. Now I'm on with my life, Carol 

Billy never thought that his spine surgery for the back would have him giving a perfect patient review of dr. deuk!Dear Deuk Spine Institute, I just wanted to let you know in words how I feel about the Deuk Spine Institute. I was blessed to find you when I could not walk and my life was almost hopeless. Now because of you I am back to work and on the road to recovery. I am so very grateful to all of you. Thank you, Billy 

Barry's says that his back pain treatment for herniated discs was excellent!Dear Dr. Deukmedjian, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the treatment that you have provided me with. I really appreciate the you have opened your office to me. Sincere Thanks, Barry 

Carmen's testimonial shows that he review of laser spine surgery will lead you to the right spine surgeon!Dear Deuk Spine, I just wanted to leave a special note and thank you for everything you have done for myself as well as my family. Sincerely, Carmen

George's review of deuk spine intitute is that he couldn't be more pleased with his lumbar back surgery!Dear Deuk Spine, I just want to thank you for all the reassurance that you have provided me before and after surgery. I cannot say enough about your skill and informative manner about explaining things to me as well as my wife. To the average layman the whole process was scary but looking back surgery was the turning point in my life. I can now say with clarity I have been brought back to life. Thank you and we are forever in your debt! Sincerest thanks, George

Susanne says that everyone took great care of her after her cervical laser spine surgery and she feels great!Dear Deuk Spine, Thank you for everyone that took good care of me during and especially after my surgery. You guys are the best! Susanne

Dear Dr. Deuk, I just want to thank you for seeing me on such short notice, I also appreciate the professionalism and the follow through on my care. I would very much like to also thank your staff who were VERY kind to me. Regards, Bev 

Dear Deuk Spine Institute, I just wanted to thank everyone for all the hard work and time you spent on me. Our friends are grateful as well! I am so happy about the excellent care the Doctor showed to me. Sincerely, Karen

Dear Dr. Deuk and Staff, You mean so much to me for always being so kind and caring in my time of need. God Bless you and You staff. Flora

Mike's experience at Deuk Spine Laser Spine Institute was so great that he is active again!To the Doctors, Thank you for your on going care and dedication to the healing profession. Since my neck surgery I have returned to the old lovable self I once was, free of pain. You treated me with compassion and I am so very grateful for that! Thanks, Mike

Dr. Deuk, I had been experiencing back pain for over 17 years since an injury in our armed forces. From the moment I opened my eyes to the moment I closed them I was in excruciating back pain. Upon meeting Dr. Deuk I became very at ease about having surgery since my condition was so bad that was my only option. Dr. Deuk was the most caring and confident man, he assured me that he could fix my back. I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you and your staff for being what has brought me back to life! God Bless, Norman 

Dear Dr. Deuk and staff, Words cannot to even to begin to express how thankful I am to have found you. From the first office visit I was impressed from the level of care everyone showed me. I scheduled quickly for surgery, and I can surely tell you that was the smartest decision of my life. Without hesitation I would like to say to you and your staff you really have given me my life back! Thank you for everything, Gina

Dear Dr. Deukmedjian, I just want to thank you for relieving my back pain that I had suffered with for many years. When I had my initial consult with you I could barely even walk more than a few steps. After surgery I woke up TOTALLY pain free! My quality of life has improved 100% which is just priceless. Sincerely, David

Dr. Deuk, I had been in constant 6/10 pain for years, I really did think it was tension due to my stressful life. I soon had X-rays done and found out by Dr. Deuk it was more than just that. After surgery I am so happy to state that I am PAIN FREE, and I would recommend this procedure to anyone. Sincerely, Douglass

Dear Dr. Deukmedjian, I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you and your staff did repairing my spine. I have never felt better in 20 years! I found you to be very confident and honest and that put my mind at ease. I greatly appreciated you "bed-side" manner. I will always recommend Deuk Spine Institute to anyone! Sincerely, Terry 

Dr. Deuk, I personally want to thank you for performing laser on my back. I have told everyone I see about the amazing surgery that you performed on me. I am still so impressed of the pain relief I continue to feel. It really is so good to have my life back! Thank you! Your the best, Jane

Dr. Deuk, Please accept my gratitude for performing a superb surgery on my back. Since my surgery I have been and continue to do things I have not done is several years! Everyone is so amazed from how fast I have recovered and have gotten back to living my life the way it should be lived! Best Regards, Leo

Dr. Deuk, I just want to start off saying that it is WONDERFUL to be Pain Free since my low back surgery. I could not be any happier that I have been cured, thank you for taking to most time and doing the best job on my surgery. You really understood my condition and gave me my options for a pain free life. Also thank you to your staff as well for always having smiling faces! Arlene

Dr. Patel, The most important thanks I can give to you. For saving my life! Sincerely, Sharon

Dr. Deuk, I had suffered from back pain for many years it truly got to the point where I could not even stand up straight or walk very far. After surgery I was in disbelief how fast I recovered and how much pain relief I have! Thank you so very much. Sincerely, Mike

Dear Dr. Deuk and Staff, Thank you so much for all the help you have given me over the last year. I appreciate the skill and effort it took to fix my problem. I don't know what I could or would have done without your help! Thank you very much. Sincerely, Bob

Dear Dr. Deuk, I cannot seem to thank you enough for putting me back together again. I have seen such an amazing improvement in myself and my health because of you and your staff. The Lord has truly blessed you with the gift of healing others. Thank you! Sincerely, Julie

Dr. Patel, I just want to thank you for the kindness and generosity you have shown me in the most time of need. Your gentle nature made me feel at ease. I can not thank you enough for making me Pain Free! Your the best! Jewell

Dr. Deukmedjian and Staff, I just wanted to tell you how much better I am am and that I have been able to move on with my life thanks to you! You guys really know your stuff!! From my heart to yours, Mary

Dr. Deukmedjian and staff, At first I was very hesitant to have my lumbar area fused, but after you and your staff put my mind at ease by answering any questions or concerns that I had about the procedure. Then I went through the surgery and I have come out a much better person! I would like to thank everyone that took part in my care and treatment. You really have made me achieve a better pain free and more active life! Thanks Everyone, Thomas

Dr. Deukmedjian, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your care and professionalism that you have shown me in my time of need. You saved my Husbands life by directing us to the right professionals to treat his symptoms. You and you staff truly are lifesavers! Thank you for everything, Wendy

Dear Dr. Deuk, When I came to your office I could barely even walk due to the severe pain in my back and leg. I have worked in construction almost my whole life and as this pain progressively got worse I was no longer able to do the things I loved. After I had surgery I am back walking long distances and being able to stand! I just want to thank you so much for the excellent surgery you provided me. You really did give me MY LIFE back! God Bless you! Donnie

Dr. Deukmedjian, I want to sincerely thank you for all you've done, your treatment for my back pain was the best! Sincerely, Barry

Deuk Spine Institute, your work is out of this world! - John

Thank you for all you did to relieve the horrific pain in my lower back, Dr. Deuk. Your perseverance, dedication, and determination in making sure that I would be without pain in my golden years certainly was an outstanding tribute to your professionalism. Special kudos also goes to all your associates. Dr. Deuk, you are a very special person. Thank you, Evelyn

I can't begin to thank Dr. Patel enough for all that you have done to relieve the pain in my lower back. I can now get up from a chair and just walk with no pain or stiffness. It is something that has changed my life- I can play golf, bowl, simply turnaround, dance with my wife, pick up something off the ground, and many other things that most take for granted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have allowed me to be able to live my life pain free again. Sincerely, Patrick

I am essentially pain-free since my spinal epidural injections. I wish to thank you, Dr. Bharat Patel, I have been so pleased with this amazing treatment!!! I enjoyed the friendly, efficient staff at Deuk Spine Institute. I have always felt comfortable and confident knowing I was in your hands. I've gladly recommended you to my friends who need your type of medical services.  Truly grateful, Dartha

Dr. Deuk has a wonderful staff! You guys are professional, show consideration for the patients and are very helpful. Dr. Deuk has helped me through two surgeries with amazing results (one was major back surgery). I have so much respect for Dr. Deuk. I am so glad to be a patient of your establishment. - Robert

I had 4 discs fused in my neck. Driving was difficult; I had trouble using my neck to turn my head. I was in constant pain. A fter surgery, the therapists were amazed at what I could in just a week! I was only in therapy for about 2 weeks. I would encourage anyone who is in a lot of pain & has limited mobility to strongly consider surgery. Dr. Deuk has changed my life. I know that I would have lost the independence that I now have because of Dr. Deuk and his staff. Don't wait!! Get help while you can. Sincerely, Carolyn

Thank you Dr. Deuk for all the care & professionalism that you have shown. You noticed the symptoms immediately & wasted no time. I don't know where we would be today had we not met Dr. Deukmedjian & the staff at Deuk Spine Institute. In our case they truly are lifesavers. Thank you for everything!! Wendy & Terry

Dear Dr. Deukmedjian, I just wanted to let you know the Outstanding job you did performing my neck fusion. I am now 100% pain free! You are an amazing surgeon and a life saver! Sincerely, Robbin

Doctor Deuk, I had gone to so many so-called "specialists" and nothing ever seemed to work. That all changed when a co-worker gave me your card and I made the call to have an appointment. Right away you and your staff knew what to do, The day after surgery I was up and walking again. I just want to thank you Doctor Deuk for helping me WALK again. Sincerely, Robert

Dear Dr. Deukmedjian, Words can not express my appreciation for what you have done to improve my life. Before I found you and your practice I was sure I would never be able to have my life back to where it once was. I just want to let you and your staff know that miracles do happen and it is all because of you! Thank you so much. Sincerely, Robin   

Dear Dr. Deukmedjian and Dr. Patel, I am writing this to tell you how much I am in debt to you for making me so much better with a surgery to my low back and injections on my neck. I had lived in chronic pain for years it has practically put my life into a standstill. I can still remember the first day that I woke up with absolutely NO PAIN! This was beyond anything that I thought could be possible, and it is all because of you two GREAT doctors. May God Bless the both of you!

Dear Dr. Deuk, I just want to thank you for inventing Deuk Laer Disk Repair. You have completely changed my life from the shell of the person I was till now after surgery. I just want to thank you for putting yourself into the patient's shoes and doing the right thing. Thank you again!

Dear Dr. Deuk, I have always been a very active person until this horrible back pain took over my life. When I had my MRI read I was told I would never be that active person again that I once was. Then I met you and I was sure I had found the best doctor to fix my back, I was not wrong! After surgery I am feeling better than I ever have. Looking forward to LIVING my life again! Thank you so much!

Dear Dr. Deukmedjian, I consider myself very fortunate to have found such a wonderful and caring doctor. I just want to express my gratitude for the wonderful job you did with my neck surgery. Thank you so very much!!

Dear Dr. Deuk, I want to thank you for making it possible for me to have laser surgery and how wonderful I feel after! The personal support of you and your entire staff is fabulous, you really have brought me back to life!

Dr. Deukmedjian and Staff, I first and foremost want to thank you so much for the wonderful care you provided me during my surgery. Your staff was always there to help me with any questions or concerns that I had. I am so extremely happy with the results of my surgery and would recommend you to everyone.

Dr. Deukmedjian, Since my surgery I have been able to be productive once again, I know this could have never happened without your healing hands that have saved my life and my marriage. Thank you for everything you have done for me! 

Dear Dr. Patel, I must praise the lord for sending me to you for treatment on my back. With all you injections I am able to now live a very busy life and all of it pain free! Thanks is not enough for all you have done for me! 

Dear Dr. Deukmedjian, After 16 years of having pain I thought I would never be able to wake up and not have pain again. Other doctors had told me nothing could be done for me. I started to believe my fate had been written, until I met you and your wonderful team. I had my low back fused and I can now walk without pain, I want to thank you very much for giving my life back! 

Dear Dr. Deukmedjian, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results of my surgery, The care I received from you and your staff was the absolute best!  I am very excited about the results, I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone with back or neck pain!

Dr Deuk, After many years of having much difficulties for daily functioning, I had surgery with you and now in the recovery process I feel like I am once again going to enjoy the life that I once lived thanks to you Dr. Deuk.

Dear Dr. Deukmedjian, I had tried everything from chiropractors to acupuncture, nothing seemed to be working for me until I went for surgery with you. That decision turned out to be the best decision I ever made for myself. I want to thank you for being the contributing factor of making my life less painful and more fun. Thank You!

Dear Dr. Deukmedjian, Over the last several years I have sought out help for my back pain it seems in all the wrong places until I met you. The most remarkable fact is right after surgery I am in no pain. I am staring to piece my life back together because of you. Thank you so much!

Doctor Deuk, I heard about you from a friend through alot of praise about his surgery. I have been walking with a cane and having constant back pain for years, You diagnosed my problem that many other doctors had missed. I really am forever in your debt.

Dear Dr. Deuk, I have lived with back pain for several years, after trying many different methods of pain relief the last option was surgery. Everyone put my mind at ease, he was right on the money. I am starting to feel like my old self again thanks to Dr. Deuk.

Dear Dr. Patel, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the many ways you have helped me this year. I am so very pleased to have you on my side to continually help me through my pain. I would highly recommend this team for anyone suffering from my problem.

Dear Dr. Patel, You are always so eager to help someone in pain, I am so very fortunate to have you for my Doctor. You and your staff are truly wonderful, thank you for being my saving grace.

Dear Dr. Deuk, I was unable to walk only a few feet without having to sit before surgery. Two weeks post surgery I can now walk around the block, something I have not been able to do in twenty plus years. Nothing can explain how thankful I am for you and your staff. You really truly gave me my life back.

Dear Dr. Deuk, You are remarkable, my life has been set back in motion. It is hard to find the right words to express how much I appreciate what you have done for me. I speak of you in the highest regards, Thank You.

Dear. Dr. Deuk, I have suffered from back pain for what seems like forever, I recently went through Lumbar fusion. Today I can truly say I am LIVING without pain. Thank you so much for showing me the light!

Dear Dr. Patel, Thank you for taking such good care of me. You have helped me manage my pain, May God continue to bless you!

Dear Dr. Deuk, I wished to tell you personally what a fantastic surgeon you are and how positive the outcome has been for me since my back surgery. Also the staff is so supportive and made me feel extremely comfortable. This is such a very caring group, Thank you so much!

Dear Dr. Deuk, You have greatly increased my desire to once again become active and enjoy my life "Pain Free". I am so grateful to have my life back. Each day continues to be better than the last. Thank you again for your expertise and your entire staff's courteous and professional care. Sincerely, Paul

My Experience with Dr. Deuk has been wonderful for my sciatica, pain and numbness in my legs, had bulging discs... My final resolve was to have surgery on my back. Dr. Deuk put my mind at ease as he explained everything he was going to do, how he was going to do it and when I would feel better. Dr. Deuk was right on the money with everything. I am feeling like my old self again. Would I go thru this again? You betcha…. Lorraine

Thank you so very much for giving me my life back! I was unable to walk 5 feet when I came to you, and today (after surgery), I have very little limitations. I can walk! It will be my pleasure to refer you to anyone who is looking for a wonderful, caring and considerate surgeon who knows what they are doing, and do it so very well. You are a great asset to our community and your profession. It is my privilege and honor to have you as my doctor. I remain- respectfully, Jeanette

“Thank you!!” for giving me my life back. Your medical team was pleasant and professional; your office staff was a joy. It was a relief to finally talk to people who were understanding of the situation. I was not myself, the pain made me tired, irritable and generally miserable. Because of your care, I no longer have any pain. I am back to my usual happy self. No one should have to endure the pain of herniated/bulging discs when there is a solution!! The Deuk Spine Institute!!!! I can never thank you enough. Much Appreciated, Alice

With Dr. Deukmedjian, I knew there was hope. The staff was so patient. Each person understood the “pain language” that I spoke in. Dr. Deuk performed surgery on my neck. I am here to attest to how quickly my neck responded to Dr. Deuk's amazing surgery. I woke and felt absolutely No Pain- amazing beyond my humble hopes of healing! I haven't had one headache since!! -Sharon

My sincere thanks to you and your staff for the excellent back surgery you performed on me. Remarkable work!! I also want to compliment your complete staff. Deuk Spine Institute does a wonderful job educating and training from top to bottom. Patients receive the best from all involved. Very, very, professional. Very Truly Yours, Jim

Dr. Deukmedjian, thank you so much for the wonderful care you provided during my surgery. You made me feel so comfortable. I wouldn't want anyone else doing my surgery. I will recommend you to everyone! You have all been absolutely amazing. Thank you , Virginia.

Thank you for making Deuk Laser available! Since having the surgery, I feel great!! I have no pain in my head or neck. Dr. Deuk & your staff answered all my questions. I will always be grateful to Dr. Deuk for making me pain free! Sincerely, Susan

Dear Dr. Deuk & Staff, I was instantly impressed... An extensive medical evaluation was performed, one that (was not) previously. You and your staff found that I had some serious medical issues that were causing the pain. I was scheduled quickly for surgery. I was able to go home the same day as surgery... It is now 6 weeks post laser discectomy and I feel great. You have given my life back. Thank you.. Sincerely, Gina

Dr. Deuk, I am truly grateful to you for healing my neck!! For years I have been managing neck pain from herniated discs, bone spurs and a pinched nerve. I was told I needed a Fusion surgery by 2 other Neurosurgeons. The journey with Dr. Deuk through (laser) surgery was very easy and I was very impressed by him and his staff. I am 2 weeks post-surgery and I feel wonderful. The neck and hand pain were gone the moment I woke up from surgery! But I am grateful that I will be able to live the dream of retiring on our sailboat!! God Bless you and your staff, Susan

Dear Dr. Deuk, Thank you for giving my LIFE BACK!! Over the last several years I have sought help for my severe leg & back pain. I tried everything from injections, epidurals, chiro, accupunture, nothing had worked.I read about "Dr. Deuk" and attended your free seminar, I scheduled my surgery. The staff were wonderful! So caring and efficient - Now 2 weeks after surgery, I'm walking 3/4 of a mi with NO pain in my legs/back. I sincerely thank Dr. Deuk for your help - YOU have improved my quality of life!! Brian

Dear Dr. Deuk,  My cervical disc fusion was outstanding! I am so glad for this center of excellence. After a year of pain and therapy, I came to Deuk Spine and am now 100% pain free. My colleagues say I am the "poster child" for the surgery as I was able to return to work so fast! You are an amazing surgeon and it was worth the drive to Brevard County!  - Sincerely, Robin

Dr. Deuk and Staff, Prior to my surgery, I was in so much pain that I was overmedicating & barely got out of bed. After being misdiagnosed for more than 3 yrs, I came to you. I was treated like I was your only patient. My testing was the same week and within 2 wks I had surgery. I instantly knew my back issues were gone! Without this surgery, I would have continued to medicate & ignore life. You gave me my life back!   -Sincerely, Sarah

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